Do Not Try These 5 Things When Operating A Forklift

While forklifts are commonly used across several industries, they also tend to be operated incorrectly. Forklifts are large machines that can be easily mishandled and cause serious injury if used incorrectly. In fact, 100 workers die every year as a result of forklift accidents either due to mechanical failure or mishandling. Below are 5 things that one should not do while operating a forklift.

warehouse accident with forklift

Don't Speed Shop

If you are in need of a forklift rental in a short amount of time, do not cut corners and choose a machine without doing your homework. Take the time to ask around, read reviews, and inspect the equipment yourself. Forklifts are heavy machinery that come in a variety of sizes with different abilities. Always ask questions about the machine if you are unsure of it's uses or maintenance. Also, do not choose a forklift just based on it's price. Ask what is included in the forklift rental price, what is required to rent and how the machine will get to your location. Taking your time while shopping for a rental ensures that you get the best deal.

Don't Skip on Training

To operate a forklift, one must be certified to do so. They are heavy equipment and should be treated with the necessary caution. While training and certification does take time and money, it ensures the safety of the operator as well as those working around the machine at all times. Dedicate two or more individuals to be certified forklift operators to ensure that proper caution is exercised at all times.

Don't Overload

There can be enormous pressure to finish jobs by a deadline. Sometimes, employees react to this by trying to sneak a couple extra pounds on the forklift, but this can come at the cost of safety. An unstable load on a forklift can cause disaster in one heart-stopping second. It's important to maintain productivity, but don't push it at the detriment of safety. Ensure all operators and works are aware of the max capacity of each forklift as different forklifts offer different capacities.

Don't Race Forklifts

The common recommendation for speed on a forklift is only three miles per hour. If it's loaded, that weight is not secure enough to sustain sharp turns or sudden stops. Additionally, forklifts are prone to tipping over. When renting a forklift, inquire about the recommended speed and make a note to not go over it to ensure the safety of your workers as well as the machine.

row of forklifts in warehouse

Don't Use Forklifts For Anything They're Not Intended For

While forklifts are designed to lift heavy and wide loads, they should never be used to life other machinery or even individuals. Workers routinely use forklifts to lift their coworkers to retrieve items from high shelves which is extremely dangerous. Forklifts are not made to lift people and individuals should stay inside the cockpit at all times during operation.

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