Four Boom Lift Safety Tips

A boom lift is handy to have on any work site but like any piece of construction equipment, there are safety procedures to follow. One of your workers will be several stories up in the air, and equipment failure can be deadly if it's mishandled. So before you shop for a rental, brush up on lift safety.

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Know Your Machine

Safety starts with knowing your lift. For example, some lifts are designed to move while someone's in the basket, but not all of them. Before you rent, make a point of asking what the lift is certified to do and what it isn't. Learn what the weight limit is, and ensure that your operator is both properly licensed and knows the machine thoroughly. Remember that weight limit isn't just the person in the basket, but also their tools and materials. And make it clear to the crew that if there's any question at all about what should be done behind the wheel or up in the basket, the answer is to play it safe.

Have The Right Safety Equipment

Before climbing into a lift, any crew member should be wearing the proper harness. This harness should be connected to the basket's anchor points. Most rentals will come with the correct safety gear, and don't hesitate to ask for a refresher course in how to use it. Anyone getting into the lift should know how to put on the harness, how to attach a safety line, and where the anchor points on the basket are.

If you're in any situation where there's even a slight incline, make sure that you're using wheel chocks and that the brakes have been set. Before the basket is sent up, check the brakes and give the rental a test run.

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Treat Wires Like They're Live

One of the most common accidents with boom lifts is misuse around power lines. Even if you're not planning to do any electric work, it can take a contractor by surprise to realize just how many wires are up above. Stay at least ten feet away from any wires. Anybody who gets into the basket should treat wires like they're live. Failing to follow these simple rules can put everyone at risk.

There's No Replacement For Common Sense

The most powerful and effective safety equipment your crew has is their eyes and their brains. Before anybody moves the boom lift rental, make sure everyone knows the correct signals to raise and lower the basket. Keep arms and legs inside the basket. Make it clear if anyone sees any problem whatsoever, to stop and to double-check everything. Remind the crew that they're not only responsible for their safety but also the safety of everyone else. If they take a risk, everyone on the crew is taking a risk. Often the difference between safe use of a boom lift rental and unsafe use is thinking before you hit the switch, and that should be emphasized.

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