Four Things to Consider Before Partnering with a Heavy Equipment Rental Company

When choosing a heavy equipment rental company, the last thing you want to do is pick the first business that you talk to. A good rental agency is relatively easy to find, but it'll take a little work first.

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Everything comes down to reputation. Start by asking your colleagues what rental companies they've worked with in the past. Ask who they'd recommend, and more importantly, why they'd recommend them. What stood out about them? How'd they find them? Did they run into any issues on the site? Similarly, review companies online, look for consumer feedback and see what people are saying about each.

Available Stock

Another factor is what stock they have available. Of course, any company that doesn't have what you need, you simply can't use. However, don't stop with what the job demands. Look closely at what they have available, and how old the equipment is. If possible, go to the company and look at how the equipment has been maintained. To stay profitable, rental companies often need to turn around equipment quickly, so it sees constant use and thus needs constant maintenance. The condition of the equipment will tell you much about how the business is run. Don't forget to look at accessories and extras, as well; you might find something that fits in your budget and cuts down on your schedule.

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Before shopping for rentals, it's a good idea to work out your budget and equipment needs to help you evaluate prices. Of course, we all want to come in under budget on our jobs, but we also want to do it right the first time. Going for the cheapest rental can sometimes wind up blowing your budget, as you might find yourself with equipment that doesn't do the job or keeps breaking down. So take a look at a wide variety of quotes and be skeptical of prices that are overly high or below the average. If one looks a bit too good to be true, ask yourself why that may be.

Lease Terms

Once you've got a few rental agencies picked out, contact them and ask them about their lease terms. Generally lease terms will dictate a few things, mostly commonly price, time agreed for the rental, what happens if you go over schedule, insurance, delivery, obligations for both parties if equipment breaks down, and so on. Like any legal document, you should read the lease closely and if you've got questions, ask about your obligations under the lease.

Many rental companies have routine maintenance done on your work site after hours, to keep the machinery tip-top. If that's the case, the requirements should be laid out in the lease agreement and discussed before you take delivery of the equipment.

Renting heavy equipment is a good way to get any job done more efficiently. But before you rent, always know what you're signing, and what you're getting for your money. Get a quote today to find out how you can save on a heavy equipment rental.