Utilizing a Storage Container During Your Home Renovation

Creating enough room to work with during a home renovation is perhaps the biggest obstacle to overcome, and often times the main reason so many of us end up putting it off for so long. It's no secret that a home renovation project takes time. With that time comes the possibility for couches, bookshelves, end tables and entertainment systems to encroach on the space in other rooms, making your home an organizational nightmare. The solution? Storage containers. Storage container rental during a home renovation is an excellent way to off-set the many hazards that will arise when you choose to move the contents of one room to another.

House under construciton for remodel

Smaller vs. Larger Homes

The first thing to consider when looking to renovate is how large your home is and how much free space can be accounted for. If you have the luxury of an unused bedroom, by all means, take advantage of this space as a temporary storehouse. But if you are like me, every room in my home is currently at capacity, so leasing out another room's space isn't plausible.

Although the average size of the American home rose about four percent in the last year, this still only adds up to be about 2,480 square feet. To avoid playing the re-arranging game, or turning your home into a makeshift storage facility, you might think to temporarily rent out a storage unit during the renovation.

Get a Time Frame

The next item on the list is to map out a rough idea of how long the renovation will take. If it is a task that is relatively non-invasive such as painting walls or even a change in carpet you can usually get the job done in a weekend. But for other tasks, you will need to account for more time. Longer renovation projects include the addition of a room, adding or breaking down a wall or any intense plumbing related activity.

With the aid of a calendar or scratch paper make a note of all involved parties and tasks that need to be carried out. The internet is a great resource during this stage of the renovation as you can quickly search the project you had in mind and see how long it took others to get the same job done. This can also be a valuable resource as you'll be able to familiarize yourself with common roadblocks that others faced during this type of renovation.

Once you have a rough time frame jotted down, you can begin to make a more accurate estimate of how long you will need the storage container for.

household boxes labeled for moving

Account for Heat, Humidity and Sensitive Objects While Moving

Accounting for delicate or sensitive objects such as pianos, oil paintings, oriental rugs, etc., as well as regional factors like heat and humidity can save you a headache when everything's said and done. If you live in an area with a great deal of heat or humidity and have items that may be susceptible to damage, it'd be wise to take the necessary precautions to avoid exposing them to the elements for too long. For instance, oil paintings should be wrapped and the same goes for furniture. Large rolls of plastic designed specifically for this sort of thing can be purchased at a hardware store for about $15 a roll.

How Storage Containers Can help

Storage containers are ideal for those who don't want to or simply cannot haul all of their personal effects and belongings to some sort of off-site storage facility during a renovation. Some items may be too big, some storage facilities too small--or maybe vice/versa, you only need a 5 foot storage container and don't want to pay full price for a facility. Storage containers tout extra options as well, such as extra wide units, additional doors, air intake vents, shelving systems, and even storage insurance so that you know all of your personal chattel is safe.

Maximize The Use of a Storage Container

Capitalize on this moment and use it to finally de-clutter that garage or clear out some extra attic space. Did you know that in the United States, 82% of homes have two car garages but only 15% use them to park cars inside? Pretty alarming right? Clearing out the garage can give your vehicle a much safer place to be stored and also protect it from the elements during the heat of the summer and the snow of the winter.

With the aid of a storage container rental, planning and executing a home renovation project becomes exponentially easier, less obtrusive and won't impede on the space or happiness of other family members.