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Floor Scrubber Rental Guide

Floor scrubbers are used to clean and polish floors in a wide array of settings. Automatic floor scrubbers are used in industrial buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, apartment complexes, office settings, and any other place where you might find a large expanse of non-carpeted flooring. Renting a floor scrubber is a cost-effective way for your company to use a high-powered machine which would otherwise be very expensive to obtain.

Newer models of floor scrubbers eliminate the need to sweep the floor prior to scrubbing, which can help reduce the use of man hours. Floor scrubber rentals are particularly handy for deep-cleaning floors on a monthly basis, with manual mopping acting as an effective way to keep floors clean in between scrubbing. Equipmentrentalpros.com provides you with information on the different types of floor scrubbers, popular floor scrubber brands, and average floor scrubber rental rates.

Types of Floor Scrubbers

Automatic floor scrubbers come in two different types: walk-behind floor scrubbers and ride-on floor scrubbers. Both types of floor scrubbing units are available in a wide variety of sizes, meaning you can utilize an automatic floor scrubber for nearly any type of hard floor cleaning job.

Walk-behind Floor Scrubbers

Walk-behind models often have cleaning paths that range from 14 inches in width to 28 inches in width. These types of machines are capable of scrubbing from as few as 9,800 square feet to as much as 48,000 square feet of flooring per hour. With smaller machine dimensions than ride-on models, the walk-behind floor scrubbers are able to maneuver in tighter spaces, leaving nearly every inch of floor sparkling clean.

Ride-On Floor Scrubbers

Large commercial and industrial operations often opt for a ride-on floor scrubber. The ride-on style has a wider cleaning path, meaning the floor work is quickly completed. Most models of ride-on scrubbers have a cleaning path that ranges from 28” to 48” wide. With a cleaning path of this caliber, you can potentially scrub from 39,000 to 91,000 square feet of flooring per hour.

Popular Floor Scrubber Rental Brands

  • Advance - Advance, a division of the Nilfisk-Advance Corporation, is a top producer of walk-behind and ride-on floor scrubbing models. With nearly thirty models on the market to choose from, Advance offers plenty of options for nearly any floor scrubbing task. From small units that weigh a mere 84 pounds and can quickly clean hallways and common areas, such as the Advance Micromatic 14E, to massive battery-operated machines with cushioned seating for large jobs, such as the Advance Adgressor, the Nilfisk-Advance Corporation has you covered.
  • Tennant – Tennant is widely-known in the floor scrubbing industry. In the market since 1870, this company is still thriving. The recognizable teal-colored scrubbers are often seen cleaning floors in campus settings, in mass merchandising stores, and anywhere that linoleum might be accumulating grime. Some of Tennant’s models, like the T5 walk-behind scrubber, the 5680 walk-behind scrubber, and the T20 Industrial Rider feature the new ec-H2O™ cleaning technology which eliminates the need for chemical-based scouring and polishing products.
  • Clarke – Clarke, another name from the Nilfisk-Advance Corporation, produces a line of floor scrubbers made to meet the needs of companies in an array of industries. Clarke features units such as the Vantage 14—which is small enough to use in restricted spaces and can even clean under tables—and the Focus II Rider which is made to clean large areas in an efficient manner.

Floor Scrubber Rental Rates

Choose your floor scrubber rental based on the total amount of flooring you need to clean and the timeframe in which you have to complete the project. Floor scrubber specification sheets will tell you how much flooring you can clean per hour, allowing you to choose the unit that best meets your needs. The rental rate is based not only on the model you choose, but also on the length of time you need to keep the rental. Floor scrubbers are rented by the day for smaller jobs, by the week for moderate jobs, and by the month for large areas that will take more time to complete or that need to be cleaned on a more regular basis.

TypeCleaning Path WidthDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly Rate
Walk-behind 14” $78 $234 $588
Walk-behind 17” $106 $318 $786
Walk-behind 26” $158 $474 $1194
Walk-behind 28” $176 $408 $1016
Ride-on 32” $360 $1080 $2680
Ride-on 36” $41514” $1245 $3690

Floor scrubbers make a tedious task go by quickly, leaving nothing but shiny floors in their wake. Renting a floor scrubber can significantly cut time spent on manual labor and improve the sanitation in your building. Equipmentrentalpros.com provides information on floor scrubber rentals so you can choose the model that is just right for your needs.

How Much Does a Floor Scrubber Rental Cost?

Floor Scrubber Rental costs depend on rental duration, features and options needed, your location and availability. Request a quote for exact floor scrubber rental rates.

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