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Backhoe Rental Guide

The backhoe is a staple in construction, excavation, roadwork, landscaping, and farming operations. Backhoes not only have the ability to dig and dump, they can also demo structures, move materials, and act as an all around powerhouse on nearly any job site. Backhoes come in various sizes and are manufactured by some of the top names in the construction equipment industry. Many contractors find that by renting a backhoe, they are allowed the opportunity to obtain the exact machine they need for each job. Renting a backhoe for your next project is easy with the help of

Types of Backhoes

Manufacturers began developing backhoes in different types/ sizes to meet the needs of industry professionals. While any backhoe can probably get the job done, an appropriately sized backhoe will finish the job properly while increasing productivity.

  • Mini - Mini backhoes have an operating weight that maxes out around 7500 pounds. The mini backhoe also has a reach of only 6’-10’. This means less digging capability than a standard backhoe, but the smaller size is better for some landscaping and farming projects.
  • Standard - A standard backhoe has a wide range for operating weight—from 7500 - 19,000 pounds. These larger machines have more digging power and can reach depths of over 14 feet.
  • Extend-a-hoe - The extend-a-hoe is an add-on to your backhoe and it is built for deep digging. The extend-a-hoe can trench 18 or more feet into the ground.

Top Backhoe Brands and Models

There are many manufacturers in the construction equipment industry, but several names stand above the rest when it comes to backhoes.


Case backhoes are made to work. With the reach you need on a chassis that is just the right size, Case backhoe loaders help you increase profitability and improve job site production by working quickly even in smaller areas. Case offers five models to choose from:

ModelOperating WeightDigging DepthHorsepower
580N 16,589 lb 14.8 ft 90 HP
580N EP 15,132 lb 14.8 ft 85 HP
580 Super N 17,269 lb 14.4 ft 97 HP
580 Super N WT 20,077 lb 14.5 ft 97 HP
590 Super N 20,532 lb 15.5 ft 110 HP


Able to withstand even the roughest terrain, Cat backhoe loaders are built tough. These machines have an impressive breakout force and an outstanding lift capacity. Cat’s lineup includes:

ModelOperating WeightDigging DepthHorsepower
416F 24,251 lb 14.3 ft 87 HP
420F / 420F IT 24,251 lb 14.3 ft 93 HP
430 F / 430F IT 24,251 lb 15.4 ft 107 HP
450F 27,115 lb 17.2 ft 127 HP
415F2 24,251 lb 14.3 ft 68 HP
416F2 24,251 lb 14.3 ft 87 HP
420F2 / 420F2 IT 24,251 lb 14.3 ft 93 HP
430F2 / 430F2 IT 24,251 lb 15.4 ft 108 HP


JCB is credited as the company who introduced the idea of a backhoe loader. As the largest backhoe manufacturer, JCB offers an excellent range of backhoes. JCB’s models include:

ModelOperating WeightDigging DepthHorsepower
3 CX 17,196 lb 14.0 ft 74 HP
3 CX 14 Super 15,439 lb 14.7 ft 91 HP
3 CX 15 Super 17,037 lb 16.3 ft 91 HP
3 CX 17 Super 17,515 lb 17.7 ft 109 HP
4 CX 14 Super 16,446 lb 14.7 ft 109 HP
4 CX 15 Super 18,225 lb 16.3 ft 109 HP
4 CX 17 Super 18,428 lb 17.7 ft 109 HP

John Deere

John Deere is a company well-known for the green and yellow tractors, but John Deere also has a large line of heavy-duty construction equipment, include the backhoe loader. Reliability, integrity, and sheer force drive the seven models featured in John Deere’s line:

ModelOperating WeightDigging DepthHorsepower
310K EP 13,913 lb 14.3 ft 70 HP
310K 14,030 lb 14.3 ft 88 HP
310SK 14,708 lb 14.6 ft 96 HP
310SK TC 19,855 lb 14.11 ft 102 HP
410K 16,31 lb 15.10 ft 107 HP
410K TC 20,494 lb 16.1 ft 106 HP
710K 23,802 lb 17.10 ft 130 HP


Kubota’s line of mini backhoe loader are just right for digging small ponds, trenching for line installation, or completing small residential jobs. With lower operating weights, these minis can complete the job without making a bigger mess. Kubota features four tractor loader backhoe models:

ModelOperating WeightDigging DepthHorsepower
B26 4,001 lb 8.3 ft 26 HP
L39 6,987 lb 10 ft 39 HP
L45 7,173 lb 10 ft 45 HP
M59 8,345 lb 12 ft 59 HP

New Holland

New Holland is another name that is familiar to contractors. The company features an entire offering of construction site equipment, complete with a line of four backhoe loaders. Compare New Holland’s backhoe loader models here:

ModelOperating WeightDigging DepthHorsepower
B95C 16,008 lb 14.6 ft 95 HP
B95C TC 18,135 lb 14.6 ft 95 HP
B95C LR 16,270 lb 15.6 ft 95 HP
B110C 16,008 lb 15.6 ft 108 HP


A long-standing manufacturer of backhoe loaders, Terex offers innovative designs, comfortable cabs, and increased safety features. Terex’s line includes six models:

ModelOperating WeightDigging DepthHorsepower
TLB840R 16,788 lb 14.9 ft 74 HP
TX760B 15,151 lb 19.3 ft 94 HP
TLB840 15,895 lb 17.8 ft 94 HP
TLB850 18,106 lb 17.8 ft 94 HP
TLB890 17,968 lb 18.8 ft 100 HP
TLB990 18,580 lb 18.6 ft 100 HP

Rental Rates for a Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loader rental prices start at $155.00 a day for a smaller two wheel drive machine. Rental rates for a large backhoe with the extend-a-hoe feature are in the $300.00 to $375.00 range per day. The amount of work you can accomplish with the assistance of a backhoe is well worth every dollar.

Backhoe Rental Prices by Machine Size

TypePer DayPer WeekPer Month
Kubota B26, 26 hp, 4 WD $175.00 $525.00 $1575.00
Terex TLB840R, 74 hp, 4 WD $200.00 $600.00 $1700.00
Case 580 Super N, 92 hp, 4 WD $220.00 $660.00 $1800.00
Cat 420F w/ extend-a-hoe, 93 hp, 4 WD $330.00 $1050.00 $3300.00
John Deere 310SK, 96 hp, 4 WD $380.00 $1075.00 $3500.00
JCB 3CX 14, 109 hp, 4WD $395.00 $1125.00 $3575.00

Renting a backhoe will save time, reduce fatigue on the job site, and increase overall profits. Choose the backhoe loader you need based on your project requirements and your budget. brings you all of the information you need on backhoe loader rentals so your decision can be an easy one.

How Much Does a Backhoe Rental Cost?

Backhoe Rental costs depend on rental duration, features and options needed, your location and availability. Request a quote for exact backhoe rental rates.

10-59 HP Backhoe Loader
10-59 HP Backhoe Loader
60-90 HP Backhoe Loader
60-90 HP Backhoe Loader
91-105 HP Backhoe Loader
91-105 HP Backhoe Loader
105+ HP Backhoe Loader
105+ HP Backhoe Loader